• RARE
  • ABLE

DOCKING – Full Control over the boat

Adjusted hull geometry and hydrodynamic properties give you perfect control of the yacht under all weather conditions.

Optional package – Bow thruster & stern thruster


Optional package – Remote control

With wireless control one person can very easily tie a boat and sail out of the harbor


Optional package – Zeus propulsion in hydrodynamic tunnels (360)

Operation of the ship in all directions by simply playing with the joystick


ENVIRONMENT – Low fuel consumption

With VM engines on 20 Miles total consumption is 72 liters/hour

Due to the extraordinary hydrodynamic wave furrow is almost invisible



Ecology for us is a very serious task, and the geometry of the hull in Monachus lobster boats and yachts is designed for the best hydrodynamic characteristics of boat and economical ratio of power required to achieve the desired speed of the boat. In addition we offer our clients installing HHO connection to marine engines that reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%. HHO generator water decomposes into oxygen and hydrogen, oxygen enriches the atmosphere, and the hydrogen is burned in a mixture with diesel fuel and thus reduces the required amount of oil. In addition to reducing fuel consumption, engine runs quieter and with better combustion and extended engine life.







SILENCELow noise emission

72 decibels while driving is a completely new experience on 14 meter yacht

In demanding conditions of navigation creaking of interier made  of natural wood is prevented by making top quality sandwich panels from our own production.

Engines located beyond outside salon ensures quiet, comfortable and pleasure ride with motor yacht.


INSPIRING – Excellent navigation visibility


RARE – Timeless design

Business vision:

We offer our customers only the best as good enough. This allows us ship pallet of models focused on the length of 12 to 15 meters (40 to 50 feet) and a retro classic timeless design. The default category with a high standard of workmanship and superior floating qualities of Monachus yachts provide the best quality and reasonable price. Following such a business vision we have no need to follow the trends frequent replacement of model ships and provide customer exclusivity and stable value for used Monachus vessel.


ABLE – exceptional hydrodynamic

Thanks adjusted hull geometry and hydrodynamic properties Monachus sails great in all three regimes of navigation displacement,semi  displacement and planing. Power selection of marine engines and propulsion will ultimately determine the desired category displacement boat, semi-displacement motor yacht or planning yacht. A deep V-bottom section of the ship as well as the largest ship schedule of the weight ensures a comfortable and smooth ride with Monachus motor yacht or working motor boat Monachus  in challenging weather conditions.

BRIGHT – Best optical & thermal windscreens

Multiaxial blamed laminated glass with reflection of sunlight, faced with an optical thermal and acoustic insulation film (unique product in the yachts industry as it is known to us)

The shape and properties of multiaxial bended wheelhouse windscreens  is a special exclusive thing that monachus yacht is providing. They are characterized by the best optics, thermal and acoustic insulation, the similar characteristics have only luxury car brands, such as the Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, BMW …

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LOVED – Hand made

unutrasnjost hale

Exceptional – Transverse & longitudinal stability

  1. Hull ribs geometry allows powerful and flexible construction. Spinal Body * is a right setting to safe and comfortable ride during all weather conditions.
  2. The underwater portion of the hull is made of full laminate system, and above the water line is multilayer sandwich laminate which allows flexibility of the upper hull as well as best climate insulation of the interier.
  3. The biggest weight of the ship is located round CB point (center boat) in the maximum low position by supporting the best stability.
  4. Transverse tanks in relation to the longitudinal axis of the ship support without compromising the best stability.
  5. The aft part of the underwater hull work is accompanied by a Levity foot *  performance and with greater stability at zero speed and securing minimum boat draft.

If you like what you read, then you will be completely delighted when you experience the reality, because this is only a small part of a big story.


Motor boat or motor yacht Monachus is made for leisure  and according to this criterion belongs to a motor yacht category. However due to the excellent seaworthiness as stability at sea and fuel efficiency of diesel fuel is produced as a work boat for fishing, tourist boat trips, boat or passenger boat for sport fishing. Strong rib construction of hull gives posibility to this boat  to be produced for official purposes such as patrol boats, coast guard boat, police boat  a boat for the allocation of oil platforms, a medical ship and other working boats.

Monachus is an excellent choice as a companion boat to mega yacht or better known as ‘Shadow boat’ or shadow yacht that follows a superyacht on a travel because of logistical needs of the allocation, such as transporting guests and crew to the coastal areas, harbors and bays where large motor yacht or a yacht nucleus is not able to consent.

Monachus with its visual indetity falls in lobster type motor yachts category. Model Pharos is retro Lobster while the model Issa is classic Lobster boat or classic motor yacht.

Monachus built for sport fishing and big game fishing is equipped with fishing rod holders, outrigger widers, pools for live bait, marine jetting for  deck after fishing and other fishing equipment that you have on a competitive boat for big game contest. Catching the big fish is much more than a big game competition or free time at sea it is a passion for fishing that we at shipyard Monachus respect very much. For underwater fishing and / or passionate underwater photographers and underwater researchers in the selection of marine equipment, there is a compressor for filling air tanks, and there is plenty of storage space ship to store equipment such as diving mask, diving fins, diving cylinders, rifles for fishing and diving equipment and similar.

In the sections of the family motor cruiser type boat, semi displacement or displacement boat for leisure from twelve 12 to fifteen 15 meters and  Monachus’s quality and favorable price makes our shipyard known  to builds custom and semicustom motor boats or motor yacht. With two built-in internal semi-diesel duty engine power at 130 hp or 140 hp diesel engine duty Monachus sails displacement or semi displacement along the way of navigation and behaves as a classic troller boat or trawler yacht with a speed up to 15 knots / kts. With two built-in internal NANNI DIESEL engines each 350 hp, Monachus behaves like a speedboat cruiser and a maximum speed of 26 knots / kts, with two 425 hp Cummins engine boat is sailing at speeds up to 30 knots / kts and at higher speeds on offer two YANMAR diesel engines at 480 hp sterndrive and joystick control.


Buying a new motor yacht or motor boat, or buying a used one from 12 twelve to 15 fifteen meters and not asking an offer for Monachus boat (yacht) would be foolish when you know it’s our job building boats and yachts of medium size with the best ratio of price and quality. 
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