Hull’s Ribs

Finally non-visible constructive part of the yacht but very significant for the key moments.


Croatia Boat Show- Split 10. -14. April

It is our pleasure to announce that during the CBS we will introduce a new line of Monachus 45 Issa. The more stylish and exciting design will leave you breathless. Looking forward to meeting you there 🙂

Monachus yachts team


Monachus grow up

Behind us is fourteen years of devoted work accompanied by difficult circumstances followed by good fortune.

First Monachus yacht was launched in 2007 after two years working on project development, mold making and the making of first ‘Pharos 45’. Thanks to the outstanding navigational characteristics that stimulated the interest of customers, meanwhile, we have developed the model Issa 45.

Not deviating from Monachus primary philosophy described in few words as ‘semi-custom seaworthy yachts’ we are proud and happy to put first announce here on our site “New model ‘Monachus 696’ has been developed and put into production”.





Monachus yachts on Open days in Rimini-Italy

Monachus yacht participated on Open days in Rimini held from 13 April 2018 to 15 April 2018.
We were pleased to present our two models, Pharos 43 and Issa 45. Thank you for your visit, and for supporting us in our work and vision.


Exclusive distributors for Italy

We are proud to introduce our new exclusive distributors for Italiy , Mr. Marco Aquilanti and Mr. Maurizio Aquilanti. They spent some time with us in Croatia, visiting our facilities, shipyard and sea testing our Monachus yachts to persuade themselves in the quality of the product they will be promoting and selling in Italy.


Monachus on ‘Days of Croatian pleasure boats manufacture’

From 27th till 30th of April we had an opportunity to expose Monachus boats at 9th ´Days of Croatian pleasure boats manufacture´ in a marina of the Le Meridien Lav hotel. We were presenting four Monachus boats, Monachus Pharos 45 from 2007. in two cabin version, Monachus Pharos 45 from 2008. also in two cabin version, Monachus Pharos 45 from 2010. in three cabin version, and brand new Monachus Issa 45 2017 in three cabin version.
We were very excited to acquaint visitors once more with Monachus brand, its quality of labour and vision. This festival proved us that it´s worthwhile to give the best of yourself. The entrance was free, the atmosphere positive with a very good gastro offer and pleasant service.


Another exposure of Monachus Issa 45

From 30th of April till 3rd of May we had an opportunity to expose our new model Issa 45 at 7th Days of a small Croatian manufacture of ships in a marina of the Le Meridien Lav hotel. On this place you could sightee floating vessels and equipment of the domestic manufactures from all over the Croatia. We were very excited to acquiant visitors once more with our brand, quality of our labour and vision. And to make professional pictures and video for Monachus Issa 45 thatś going to be in it´s catalogue. This festival proved us that it´s worthwhile to give the best of yourself.


Monachus Issa 45 premiere

Monachus Issa 45 that has been launched from our factory was proudly presented on 15. Croatia boat show.


Monachus on Interboot 2015

In a just a week Monachus is going to 54th International water sports exhibition in Friedrichshafen at lake Constance. Visitors and all the of them who want to peek into future of boats, new equipment and technologies, latest trends and style, they will have the opportunity of such privilege for nine full days, from September 19 – 27. 2015., from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Monachus will be located in Hall A6, stand A6-201A, where motor yachts, motor boats, rubber dinghies, motors and accessories will show you what´s hot in the nautical world. We would love to show you what’s hot with us, like the new model that is coming from our production facility, Korkyra 45 Flybridge, so do visit our stand.


Monachus 45 goes to Asia

Another Monachus 45 these days shipped in the countries of Asia. We are happy that customers have recognized the love, knowledge and effort we have invested.

This shipment, we protected with special shrink wrap that will save the boat to its destination.

Quality, reliability and patience find the way.

Thank you to all who give us support in any way.

Monachus team

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