Monachus monachus is a Latin name for the Mediterranean monk seal, locally called ‘man of the sea’ [morski čovik].

The ancient Greeks put Monachus under the protection of Poseidon and Apollo because of their love of the sea and sun. A monk seal head is depicted on one of the first-ever coins, minted around 500 BC, and Homer, Plutarch and Aristotle mentioned the animals in their writings.

To fishermen and seafarers, seeing a monk seal catching waves or sprawling on the beach was considered a good omen for the journey ahead.
Today, the name of Monachus Yachts translates to wishing you fair winds and following seas.

Inspired by the flow of movement of this magnificent animal, we designed Monachus boats.

We observed the natural laws of hydrodynamics and selected environmentally-friendly and quiet engines. Working together with our customers, we designed custom interiors and modelled the vessels, dedicating all of our efforts to meet the demands of those who helm them. On your journey, we want you to experience that unforgettable moment which is hard to describe and you will cherish forever.

Traditions are kept alive by great love and respect for natural beauty and history.
Hidden Mediterranean gems, the islands of the Adriatic coast. Compelling appeal of the blue sea and lush pine forests. Sun sinking below the western horizon.
Times changed, but the image remained the same. This is the place where boats needed to be built in order to survive.
Thus, we continue to build the boats, like generations before us.