Since 2007, Monachus boats are manufactured in the production facility located near the town of Split in the Mid-Adriatic region.
With the aim of identifying priorities in terms of design and construction, members of the Monachus design team relied on their first-hand cruising experience in various weather conditions. Stability and navigability have been given special attention, followed by ergonomics and general arrangement. Although the order of set priorities does not follow the prevailing trends in recreational boats industry, we do believe that the boat should primarily have high cruising performance, followed by other features. This is also the opinion shared by experienced yachtsmen.
Traditional and reliable production methods are employed in manufacturing of Monachus boats, with the use of contemporary materials. Semi-custom construction allows for a personal touch, and each Monachus boat represents its owner – as the manufacturing process may take up to nine months, it is recommended that orders are planned on time.
The current line includes the following models: ‘Pharos’, ‘Issa’ and ‘Korkyra’.
Pharos features dynamic lines and retro design style. Issa is designed with a vertical stern wall, more classic lines and a large stern section, while Korkyra makes a good choice for those who prefer fly-bridge and big game fishing.
The interior for all three models is built as selected by the customer, in three-cabin, two-cabin or single-cabin versions. The material used in classic evergreen interior style is most commonly teak or other type of natural wood, and we also offer creative ‘Shabby chic’, ‘Hi-tech’ or ‘Shabby-tech’ interior styles.
Diesel engines using CMR technology fulfil the highest standards. Engine options for Monachus boats are as follows: single engine 280 MHP (14 kn), 450 (20 kn) or 570 (24 kn), maximum two engines, 570 MHP each (1.140 MHP, 36 kn) with the shaft up to the propeller.
The hull geometry with deep V profile and carefully adjusted hydrodynamic properties enable Monachus boats to perform well in all cruising styles – displacement, semi-displacement and planing. As a result, the customers can choose from a wide range of engine power options and cruising styles, according to their requests and needs.
The customers can extend the three-year standard warranty with the five-year 3MB warranty – therefore they can be assured that they will enjoy carefree cruising for a long time.
Trust is the motto of our business, and our priority is to deliver the best possible product!
Because we love what we do and we enjoy what we make!
BEAM: 4.20 m
DRY WEIGHT: FROM 9,600 kg TO 10,800 kg (depending on engine and equipment options)
TANKS: FUEL: 2 X 700 l (2 X 900 l, optional), WATER: 500 l (600 l), HOLDING TANK: 300 l