Project Monachus motor yacht was created as a blend of rich experience and practical application of the study of knowledge due to the idea of designing a hull for the best hydrodynamic properties. Over a period of 18 months and a large number of designed geometry of the hull, we came to the final design, which has showed using more simulation programs minor deviations that the length of the hull of twelve feet on the waterline, and programming tools do not achieve better hydrodynamic properties.
19,800 hours was invested in making hand-made tools for production. CNC milling was not used (3,000 hours) due to better ergonomics and practical utilitarian details of a future yacht. Models for production made by software controlled CNC machines contain hidden details that can not be seen on the PC screen. It was during the manual modeling ergonomic and practical elements of the model have been tested and adjusted in accordance with practical experience.
The first motor yacht Monachus was launched in November 2007, in that moment in Central Dalmatia northeasterly hurricane blew in gusts at up to 160 km / h. The test drive was done even though the ban was in effect for all boats leaving. The results of navigation in all directions in relation to the wind and waves were so thrilling that effort and enthusiasm were rewarded immediatly beyond expectations.
Production design details were promoted to the highest level with each boat produced following the ever-present Monachus mantra, “Only the best is good enough”.