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TV Report about Monachus 70 Fly

TV Report about Monachus 70 Fly

AUTO MOTO NAUTIC VISION reported about Monachus 70 Fly.You can see the TV report on the video web portal. http://www.automotovision.hr Broadcast on:- TV show AUTO MOTO NAUTIC VISION, which is broadcast weekly in the system of 10 local county stations. - TV show WORLD...

The 24th International Nautical Fair in Biograd is behind us

The 24th International Nautical Fair in Biograd is behind us

The 24th International Nautical Fair in Biograd is behind us. An ideal time to mark the end of nautical and the beginning of the next business season. This year was marked by the premiere presentations of our new models, starting with the world premiere of the...

Monachus Yachts – a review of the Rijeka Boat show

Monachus Yachts – a review of the Rijeka Boat show

Monachus Yachts on Rijeka Boat Show - Short review Let us remind you that the Rijeka Boat Show 2022 is behind us, held from 30. September to 02. October 2022. at the Karolina Rijeka Pier. The fair under the motto "a port is a city, a city is a port" presented...

Short statement from Monachus Yachts Founder

Yacht and Boat Manufacture from Croatia

Inspired by the flow of movement of this magnificent creature, we design Monachus motorboats and motor yachts and we have been manufacturing them in our boatyard near the town of Split in the Adriatic since 2006. Proven and reliable production methods are employed in manufacturing motor boats and motor yachts, with the use of contemporary materials. Modular construction system allows us a semi-custom manufacturing process where each Monachus boat or yacht represents its owner and his personal touch. With the aim of identifying priorities in terms of design and yacht construction, members of our professional yacht design team relied on their first-hand cruising experience through several decades. Stability and navigability have been given special attention, followed by ergonomics and general arrangement.


Monachus Yacht Design

The guiding thought of the Monachus yacht design is timeless elegance. The geometry and structural strength of the boat hull as well as the arrangement of the main boat’s weights are priorities without compromise. Even if such tasks are at the expense of the spatial volume of the yacht in some places, they have not been given up because comfortable and safe navigation of Monachus yachts is a priority.



Today it takes place in the controlled conditions of our own boatyard facility. The process of building yachts and boats with the application of advanced technology relies well on craftsmanship and carefully selected materials. The sophisticated equipment of the partner manufacturers and their suppliers that we install in Monachus yachts is carefully selected.


Word of the founder

From the very beginning, our driving force has been a huge enthusiasm woven into all components of the work. The vision of the best hydrodynamics, low silhouette, correct ergonomics and giving a material shape and use value to all of the above requires a strong fuel, and we draw it from the molecules of emotions. With evolution we are striving for revolution, and the right moment is ‘right now’. We put focus on the quality and safety of navigation and always strive for better.

We consider your choice of Monachus boat to be the greatest exclusive, and trust to be the most valuable currency.

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