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Croatian shipyard near the city of Split on the central Adriatic.


About Us

“Monachus monachus is the Latin name for the Mediterranean monk seal, locally called ‘man of the sea’.”


Since 2006 we have been designing motor yachts and manufacturing them in our shipyard near the city of Split/Croatia on the central Adriatic.

“On your journey, we want you to experience that unforgettable moment which is hard to describe and which you will cherish forever.”
Monachus team


Sailing was the first love for Hari Tabak, the founder of the Monachus Yachts brand. Since 1972, when he attended a sailing school, he has been fascinated by the different shapes and performances of vessels at sea. His curiosity and creativity encouraged him to start modifying sailboats in 1979, and later luxury yachts and motorboats. His passion turned into a professional direction in 1985. In the mid-1990s, Hari had a vision of creating a boat that would have soft lines, a low profile, excellent stability and ease of movement in different sailing regimes. After trying several options by rearranging existing boats, in 2004 he decided to start his project on a blank sheet of paper.

Početak ljubavi prema brodu od malih nogu

He named it Monachus after the Latin name for the Mediterranean monk seal, a beautiful creature that delighted him with its smoothness and elegance in the sea. He invested a lot of work and knowledge in the Monachus Yachts project, and today his yachts can be seen sailing in the Mediterranean, Florida and the Far East. Hari and his team of young associates continue to think regularly about the harmony of the latest technology and traditional values in boat design.


monachus 70 scroll-nice

If you are a fan of motor yachts and boats in the traditional lobster style, Monachus Yachts is a brand that certainly stands out for its beautiful design and quality workmanship. Our yachts and boats are not just vessels, but real works of art that exude timeless elegance and style, builded in our shipyard.

The design of the vessel is based on several key principles that ensure comfortable and safe navigation. The first is the hull geometry, which has been carefully designed to provide optimal stability, handling and speed. The second is structural strength, which is achieved by using high-quality materials and technologies. The third is the arrangement of the ship’s main weights, which is coordinated to allow an even distribution of the load.

When it comes to the aesthetic aspect of the design, the lines are clean, elegant and harmonious, and the interior is spacious, bright and functional. 45-foot and 70-foot models are offered, which can meet the different needs and tastes of customers.
Monachus yachts and boats are more than vessels, but a way of life that combines beauty, elegance and safety.

Pharos 43

Issa 45

Issa 45 Fly

Monachus 70

Monachus 70 Fly


Our yachts and boats are manufactured under controlled conditions in a modern shipyard, which is equipped with the most modern equipment and tools. Every stage of production is under the supervision of our experts, who take care of the quality and safety of our products. The process of building yachts and ships is complex and demanding, but we love it because it allows us to express our creativity and innovation.

Our secret is in the combination of advanced technology and masterful work. We use premium materials, such as composite materials, fiberglass, carbon fiber, wood and stainless steel, which ensure the strength, lightness and durability of our vessels. We also apply the latest manufacturing techniques, such as vacuum casting, resin infusion and post-curing, which improve the performance and appearance of our yachts and boats.


But what makes us special is our ability to adapt the design to your personal preferences. Namely, we do not produce serial models, but unique examples that reflect your style and character. Whether you want classic or modern design, minimalist or luxurious interior, we will fulfill all your requirements. Our team of designers will help you choose the colors, materials, furniture and equipment that will turn your yacht or boat into your dream on the water.

We install only sophisticated equipment from partner manufacturers and other suppliers, which meets the highest quality and safety standards. Whether it’s navigation systems, electrical installations, hydraulic systems, air conditioning or entertainment electronics, we choose only the best for you. Our goal is to make your Monachus yacht or boat functional, comfortable and reliable in all conditions.



From the very beginning, our driving force has been the enormous enthusiasm woven into all components of our work. The vision of the best hydrodynamics, low silhouette, correct ergonomics and giving material form and utility value to all of the above requires a strong fuel, and we draw it from the molecules of emotions. With evolution, we strive for revolution, and we consider ‘right now’ to be the right moment. We focus on the quality and safety of sailing and we always strive for better. We are grateful to our customers for choosing the Monachus brand, and we consider their trust the most valuable currency.

If you are interested in our products or want to know more about our production or shipyard, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and show you why Monachus is a brand you can trust.

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