Elegant yacht with a sporty spirit

Monachus 70 Fly

Monachus 70 Fly – is an impressive and elegant yacht with a sporty spirit and an attractive appearance that does not leave spectators indifferent. It provides all the comfort of a cruise, and the wind on the flying bridge completes the pleasure of freedom of movement. It has superior navigability, it’s safe and sleek in every aspect and designed for dynamic lifestyle yacht mans to the highest CE category ‘A’ standards.



The strikingly sharp and highly developed bow of the ‘Monachus 70’ motor yacht dominates every oncoming wave, provides passengers with a pleasant cruise, and leaves a spectacular impression of power and safety to the outside observer. The spindle line, structural strength, ‘extremely deep V hull’, are the features of this premium cruising yacht model.
The standard application of the VOLVO IPS system with the ‘sky-hook system’ and automatically regulating interceptor stabilizers adds value to the smooth sailing and ensures practical control and docking of the yacht. The ultimate comfort both during the cruise and when staying on the anchored yacht is emphasized by the optional installation of the Gyro stabilizer, which guarantees the best stability of the yacht even when anchoring outside protected bays.


The sedan as well as the flybridge performance of the yacht Monachus 70 feet is described by a paraphrase of the title of the famous song ‘Hit the sea Jack’.
This yacht provides the necessary comfort for all essential needs and activities for two to twelve people. It’s made for longer cruises but it’s equally practical for weekend or day cruises. Two people can easily handle the 70-foot-long Monachus yacht thanks to the standard VOLVO IPS and ‘Sky-hook’ system. The attractive appearance will not leave the observer indifferent wherever it appears. Last but not least, the Monachus 70 is a yacht of superior navigability, safe and sleek in every way.


The Monachus 70 is the ideal yacht for those who prefer a dominantly striking and safe yacht with excellent cruising characteristics. The owner of the yacht Monachus 70 is a person who has refined the experience with previous possession of one or more different vessels and some restless navigation in rough seas.

Monachus 70 Fly Exterior

Monachus 70 Fly Interior

Profile Monachus 70 Fly

Monachus 70 Fly - Main Deck

Monachus 70 Fly Main Deck

Monachus 70 Fly - Sun Deck

Monachus 70 Fly Sun Deck

Monachus 70 Fly - Lower Deck 4 cabins

Monachus 70 Fly Four Cabins

Monachus 70 Fly - Lower Deck 3 cabins

Monachus 70 Fly - 3D Virtual Tour

Technical characteristics


  • Overall length: 70 ft – (21,1m)
  • Maximum width: 19 ft – (5,8m)
  • Draft: 4,3 ft – (1,3m)
  • Displacement: 36 t
  • CE class ‘A’

ENGINES & PERFORMANCE: (standard and optional)

  • 2 x VOLVO D13 – IPS 1200 (standard), 31 kts
  • 2 x VOLVO D13 – IPS 1350 (optional), 33 kts

PROJECT Building material:

  • Building material: GRP /vinyl ester / isophtalic resin
  • Building technology: Vacuum infusion
  • Styling & concept: Monachus yachts, Pulse Yacht Design and Srdjan Dakovich, naval architect
  • Keel: V-shape


  • Fuel capacity: 3600 l (951 US Gls)
  • Fresh water: 1200 l (317 US Gls)
  • Black & gray water: 650 l + 350 l (172 + 93 US Gls)

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