New motor yachts for sale by Monachus Yachts

We consider your choice to buy a new motor yacht as the greatest exclusivity, and trust as the most valuable currency.
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Unique and Luxury Yachts for sale

Buy a motor yacht for a new life experience

Buying a new motor yacht is a very personal investment where our sales team supports you for individual ideas. When you choose Monachus, you can expect a smooth yacht purchase experience from start to complete, leaving you to enjoy of exclusive yacht ownership.

Timeless elegance of a luxury motor yacht

Monachus 70 Fly

The ideal motor yacht to buy, who prefer a dominantly striking and safe yacht with excellent cruising characteristics.

“Monachus 70 Fly” is a motor yacht designed in the unique style of the Mediterranean lobster, which successfully combines traditional boat design values with modern stylistic features. We can say, a symbiosis of tradition and modern technology.

This motor yacht provides the necessary comfort for all essential needs and activities. It’s constructed for comfortable longer cruises, but it is equally practical for weekend or day cruise.

Impressive and dynamic motor yacht with Mediterannean lobster style

Monachus 70

Purchasing a new “Monachus 70” is the best choice, if you want an impressive cruising experience with sporty spirit.

“Monachus 70” is an impressive motor yacht that exudes dynamism, and is designed in the unique style of the Mediterranean lobster, which successfully combines the traditional boat design values with modern stylistic features. 

With this sporty yacht, we provide a boat for all those want an unforgettable cruising experience, regardless of whether you want a long cruise or a one day trip.

Comfortable luxury motor yacht, also suitable for big fish hunters

Issa 45 Fly

Buyers of a new “Issa 45 Fly” boat are mostly people with sophisticated cruising experience and Lobster style lovers.

This Monachus motor yacht is also suitable for big fish hunters, it quickly and safely reaches the desired position and provides all the comfort of a cruise. The wind on the flybridge completes the pleasure of freedom of movement.

Monachus “Issa 45 Fly” is intended for the customer who wants a safe, functional boat of the appropriate size and wants to enjoy the cruising moments to the maximum.

Modern Mediterannean lobster yacht with elegant retro style

Issa 45

If you chose to buy an new “Issa 45” lobster yacht, be sure you can not make a wrong decision.

“Issa 45” modern and elegant lobster-style boat with smooth lines and a spacious outer cockpit. This boat is fast and strong when needed, but equally enjoys the benefits of its peaceful nature. This is a boat with excellent navigability, safe in navigation, and smooth in every aspect.

With “Issa 45” you will have impeccable safety of navigation and pleasure that never ends. The result is a boating experience that inspires customer satisfaction. 

Economical and attractive dynamic pleasure motor yacht

Pharos 43

This Yacht is safe and easy in every movement, it fits every buyer with a dynamic lifestyle!

“Pharos 43” is a practical, economical, and attractive luxury yacht. This motor boat provides comfort to all your needs and activities during cruising. It is just as practical on one day cruise as it is on longer cruises. This boat is excellent in navigability and smooth in every aspect.

With this retro styled boat and it’s sporty spirit you will have all fun in every situation. It behaves stably in the sea in all weather conditions.

Buying new motor yacht from Monachus Yachts boatyard

We are proud to present our yacht models that are designed to satisfy all sea lovers who want to buy a new boat that provides all the necessary comfort and safety while cruising in all weather conditions. Whether you are looking for a pleasure motor boat or cruising yacht, our sales team will be happy to advise you and help you to purchase the most suitable boat for you. 

Pharos 43

Issa 45

Issa 45 Fly

Monachus 70

Monachus 70 Fly

Our serviceability does not stop after the purchase of a new yacht. On the contrary, our after-sales service is at your disposal for all your needs.


Yacht Interiors

Our luxurious interiors exude a classic look with a variety of modern materials and options to exceed every desire.
Each yacht is fully customizable and includes the latest technology and amenities to make every cruise feel like a holiday.

Styling & concept: Monachus Yachts, Pulse Yacht Design and Srdjan Dakovich, naval architect.

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