Monachus Issa 45 Fly

cruising moments to the maximum

Issa 45 Fly is a unique Mediterranean lobster yacht with a flybridge that combines classic design and modern technology. The flybridge deck offers panoramic views and additional space for relaxation and entertainment. It provides all the comfort of cruising with a perfectly arranged and utilized external and internal space. It is designed in accordance with the highest standards of the EC pleasure boat category ‘A’.


‘Monachus-Issa 45 Fly’ is characterized by a strong construction. The hull geometry is designed without compromise, taking into account the best buoyancy. The longitudinal and transverse weight distribution are adjusted in the same way so that all centers of gravity are set as low as possible. Structural water tanks were made between the central longitudinal ribs, which further strengthened the hull. In the event of damage to the most exposed underwater part, the contents of the tank will leak out and the ship can proceed to the service point. Superior stability is achieved by proper weight distribution and hydrodynamic tunnel design. In addition to contributing to stability, HD tunnels further strengthen the stern of the hull, reduce draft, and the propellers are better protected in case the ship passes over an unwanted floating object.

Due to the tuned buoyancy of the bow, the center of gravity around the CB point (center of the boat) and the adequately balanced stern buoyancy, the Monachus-Issa 45 Fly has the effect of a balanced seesaw on the longitudinal wave. The result is a slight transition over the wave. The one-piece laminated and multi-axially curved windscreen gives the helmsman a fantastically clear view when steering from the wheelhouse. Good stability and an equally slightly raised bow at different cruising speeds allow safer movement on the flying bridge and during navigation. Given the length of the waterline and the comfort of the ‘cruiser’ version for the ‘Monachus-Issa 45 Fly’, we underline the main features – uniquely elegant ‘flybridge’, comfortable and safe!


Monachus Issa 45 Fly is a versatile, practical, economical, and attractive boat. This boat provides comfort to all essential needs and activities during cruising. It is just as practical on day cruises as it is on longer cruises. One person can easily handle the boat on his own or with a little help, and its appearance will not leave the observers indifferent anywhere. Last but not least, Monachus Issa 45 Fly is a boat with excellent navigability, safe in navigation, and smooth in every aspect.


Monachus Issa 45 Fly is intended for the customer who wants a safe, functional boat of the appropriate size and wants to enjoy the cruising moments to the maximum. Monachus boat owners are mostly people of refined experience, so used Monachus is an extremely rare occurrence on the boat market even in the middle of the second decade of production.


The unique exterior design and unsurpassed performance offer superior seaworthiness and safety in navigation.


Classic elegance of the interior in symbiosis with modern technology provides an unforgettable experience of being on bord.

Technical Details

Sun Deck

Main Deck

2 Cabins

3 Cabins

Length14,40 m
47 ft
Beam4,20 m
14 ft
Draft1,08 m
3,7 ft
Fuel tank1500 l
422 US Gls
Fresh water tank750 l
198 US Gls
Black & gray water tank400 l
105 US Gls
EnginesStandard – 2x FPT IVECO 400 HP
Optional – 2x FPT IVECO 450 HP

Standard – cruising 23 kts, max. 28 kts
Optional – cruising 26 kts, max. 31 kts

EC CategoryA
(Ocean Going)

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