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Repairs for regular maintenance of the vessel and professional Yacht Services team.


Monachus Shipyard builds yachts and boats for sale worldwide through a sales network or directly to a client where there is no sales representative. Whether the yacht was purchased directly at our shipyard or through a sales representative a Yacht Service ‘help line’ for support is provided to every Monachus yacht owner wherever they are.

Aware of how crucial it is in every aspect to provide you with the best timely Yacht Services support after the delivery of a new yacht, in the period from June 1 to October 1, we have a 24-hour hotline for help and assistance. The other eight months of the year the line is open from 8 am to 6 pm (Central European Time).

On this line (entrance via the ‘customer service’ portal), the owner of Monachus will receive technical support in English, German and Croatian wherever he is.

Monachus yachts service team

Modern technology processes the functionality of most devices as well as propulsion machines electronically with computer programs, and the shortcoming of a device is often solved by instructions for the procedure that the yacht master follows. In the event that the problem cannot be resolved in this way, our help center will organize the fastest possible assistance through the service network at the location where you are.

When choosing the equipment that we install in Monachus yachts and boats, we take into account the place of delivery and the most common area of navigation, so the equipment that is best represented by Yacht Service centers in your area of navigation is installed.

Extremely fast assistance with the personal arrival of our servicemen on the mainland and islands is provided for the area of navigation on the Adriatic from Montenegro to Ligniano Sabiadoro.

Our technical and logistical support does not only apply to the duration of the warranty for the delivered new yacht, but is permanent even when it comes to the next owner of the same Monachus vessel.

‘Agency D&MM’ is our sister company and as part of a comprehensive service for all our clients provides tax, financial and legal advice and services in the field of forwarding and yacht registration.

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